When you’ve got downtime between fighting insurgents and trying not to get blown up by IEDs, Marines have to find something to help them blow off steam. Back in the old days that might have meant drinking or playing football, but now they’ve got something way better… Youtube!

The Marine squadron 266 Rein put together an almost too good lip dub of Brittney Spear’s “hold It Against Me.”

Just how good is it? Not only has it become an instant international sensation, but even Brittney herself has tweeted her unabashed approval!

Just so you know that these men and women are doing a lot more than just making funny videos, an article from last October had this update on their deployment:

VMM-266 (REIN) is slated to play a critical role in the Pakistan relief effort by providing transportation of disaster relief materials and personnel over distances that exceed the reach of traditional helicopters.

VMM-266 is reinforced by Marine Aviation Logistics Squadrons 26 and 29, Marine Air Control Group 28, Marine Wing Support Squadron 271, Marine Attack Squadron 542, Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 467 and Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 461 to form the air combat element.

“The Marines from VMM-266 are eager to get over there and take a part in helping Pakistani people back to their feet after their loss,” said Gunnery Sgt. Bryce Piper, 26th MEU Public Affairs chief.