If you are ever lucky enough to find a meteorite, it can be worth hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars depending on what it’s made of and where it’s from. However, if you find a 20 lb ball of frozen crap that has been illegally dumped from an airplane, you are… Well, you are S#*! out of luck.

Unfortunately, the members of a rural Indian village did not know the difference, so they chopped it up and hauled it off to their home freezers and refrigerators, all of which now need to be completely disinfected as the appliances are contaminated with fecal matter. As it turns out, the problem of planes illegally dumping “blue ice” is so common in India that the government has reiterated a December 2016 order forbidding airlines from emptying their toilet tanks mid-air.

“I rushed to the spot and saw the object. It seemed to weigh at least 8 or 10 kilograms, judging by the dent it had made on the ground,” the Indian Express quoted Govind Singh as saying. “Initially, we thought it could be ice but it was not melting. So, we figured it must have some kind of chemical in it.”

The good news is that it made a 1-foot-deep hole in a field and not in a villager. The bad news is that the villagers were hoping for a massive windfall but ended up with one of their crappiest days in history.