It’s the Coldplay/ Star Wars mash up video that we never knew we needed… and actually probably didn’t.


I used to farm this world

With Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru

Bullseying womp rats in my T-16

Another season no academy

Then I bought those stupid droids that day

And R2D2 went and ran away

Got jacked by sand people, met Ben instead

But then the Empire came, now Owen is dead

I hear Obi Wan in my head keep sayin’

Use the Force, the Dark Side’s betrayin’

Go to Alderaan, help the rebels

But when I get there the whole planet’s leveled

For some reason I can’t explain

I think Darth Vader shares my last name

I kissed my sister, too

It just ain’t easy being Luke

I hear Yoda up in my grill keep sayin’

“Luminous beings are we”…ok then

But I need to go and help Han and Leia

‘Cause Lando seems like a creepy player

For some reason I can’t explain

I know I’ll end up back onTatooine

I kissed my sister, man

But that was when I had two hands