I will never confess to be an expert on art. That said, I do have a pretty good radar for when people are just acting like morons. Enter Shia LaBeouf. the last few months of his public life have been less than stellar. Between Twitter plagiarism, drunken fights on video, drunken apologies for fights on video, skywriting apologies, and the fact that he just starred in a Lars Von Trier film (that’s enough to screw up anyone’s brain), the guy has been putting himself through the ringer.

His latest exploit started with him walking out of a press conference the other day and then appearing at the premier of his film with a paper bag over his head that had I am not famous anymore written on it. From there, LaBeouf headed over to his new art installment at an LA gallery where anyone could walk up from off the street and enter a small room with him where he is wearing the bag over his head. If you are brave enough to remove the bag, you see him sitting there, silent, on the verge of tears. I’m guessing there are hidden cameras somewhere so that everything people say to him can be used for another upcoming project. Still….

So, Hal Rudnick over at ScreenJunkies actually headed down to the gallery and got in line to participate. After a five hour wait, he entered the room and found himself face to face with the only person who may have acted worse than Megan Fox in the Transformers films.