When I was a kid, I was amazed at the things my dogs would eat. I remember walking into the bathroom one time and seeing one of my dogs sucking the toilet paper off the roll like it was spaghetti. Another one of my dogs was chasing a chipmunk and ended up swallowing it whole and alive when it ran back towards him. It turns out my dogs were tame compared to these guys.

Veterinarians hold a competition called “They ate what?” where they all send in the strangest X-rays of things found in their patients… You have to see most of them to believe them. One of them in particular will definitely make you “want to believe.”

Here’s how the contest turned out:
First place: More than 30 ornamental rocks inside this frog’s stomach.
Second place: A shish kabob skewer inside the stomach of a german shorthaired pointer.
Third Place: The famous Great Dane who ate 43 1/2 Socks
Honorable Mentions
Two-year-old pug Stella ate one quarter and 104 pennies
Two-month-old rat terrier ate his owner’s bra
9.2 by 2.3 cm pocket knife found inside a Labrador
Lightbulb passed unbroken through the digestive system of a golden retriever
A fishing hook inside of a 7-week-old puppy
Flock of rubber ducks found inside a dog named Woof
Alien figurine found inside a 5-month-old male kitten

Source: Sploid