This is quite possibly either the coolest or the nerdiest thing I’ve seen today. The Wand Company has produced what is essentially a magic wand universal remote. Because you know, having to pushing silly buttons like mortals is so played out. Introducing the new and more “magical” way to guide your television, The Magical Kymera Wand.

The Magical Kymera Wand can perform 13 “magical” functions and is presented in an enchanting presentation box. Covered in the best faux dragonhide and generously upholstered in the finest Chinese Silk to boot!

Be the coolest wizard on your block and pick up this instant babe magnet for just $84 (pre-order for October 1st). Ya, chicks dig the wizardry…

Be sure you check out The Wand Company’s website, it’s nerdtastic.