I never really considered ants as creatures that I’d be worried about when it comes to humane treatment. That said, I never really thought that someone would be stupid enough to use them as live jewelry. This is up there with those infuriating live frog and fish keychains that they sell in China.

The Ant Watch houses 3-5 live harvester ants at a time carried on your wrist in a refillable watch-like enclosure with specially designed shake resistant nesting material.

Each purchase comes with a vial of 5 live ants, sand, a food/water dropper, tweezers, a case opening tool, and simple and easy care guide.

To add the ants to your farm, place tube in refrigerator for 10 minutes to put the ants to sleep – then handle them with tweezers as you move them to their new home.

The ants are fed liquid sugar 1-2 times a month. We’ve designed a removable crown so you can feed your ants with a specially designed dropper. The ants will live from 4-6 months. All orders come with an automatic 1 year supply of real ants, so we’ll ship a new batch to you every 4 months. If you don’t need them, you can always set them free!

Source: Geekologie