Shepard Fairey has been in the news a lot lately. Not only has his Hope Painting of Obama become one of the most successful underground branding campaigns for a politician since suburban college kids first stumbled into a Starbuck’s wearing their Che T Shirts, but recently it has spawned two lawsuits with the Associated Press and Fairey himself was arrested for tagging last week in Boston.

As with all good ideas, there will always be someone coming up right behind them with a new or different idea on how to turn it in to a profit for themselves. Enter The site allows you to create your own version of the famous Hope Painting, or to choose one of the thousands that have already been created and then turn it into a poster or shirt of your choosing.

As you can imagine, the submissions have been all over the place from the comical to the political, from the silly to the super geeky. Some of them are great, and of course, most of them… well, I’m sure the people who made them think they are clever. Its definitely an innovative idea, even if some of the executions are sub par. We’ve gathered up some of the geekiest and most entertaining Obamicons we could find and we’ve put them together for you below.


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