Going viral on the Chinese micro blogging website Weibo, a brave woman is seen rescuing her husband’s beloved action figures from a flood in Yudong, Chongqung, China.

According to reports, the woman had broken a window to retrieve her husband’s toys and can be seen in a video that has been liked more than 30,000 times, of her holding the toys (all mint in box mind you) while floating to safety in a rubber dingy.

It’s said that the husband didn’t save the toys himself because he doesn’t know how to swim, so his wife took it upon herself to save his collection of Gundam collection each worth $40+ USD.

When asked why the husband didn’t go get the figures himself, one person explained:

According to the water level warning line issued by the community, they thought it would not flood the second floor, but the water level rose. He can’t swim. His wife swims across the Yangtze River and assessed that the risk of stagnant water is not high and she has a life jacket, so she decided to save Gundam.

“I will never let you down in this life” the husband is quoted saying. Endearing her further to not just her grateful husband but all geeks and otakus world wide.

That’s some serious relationship goals and wife material 100%.

Source : unilad.co.uk