The crossover you never thought of is here! Wilco and Popeye the Sailorman.

Wilco’s new music video for the track “Dawned On Me’ also happens to be the first hand drawn Popeye cartoon in over 30 years. The characters and song fit really well together and this is a kind of special and all around neat collaboration. Let’s hope to see more music videos like this in the near future.

From Director Darren Romanelli’s blog:
‘As one of the earliest animated characters, introduced in 1933 by Fleischer Studios, Popeye has become one of the most enduring and iconic cartoon characters of all time and is forever entwined in the evolution of animation. The music video marks the first new Popeye cartoon since “Popeye’s Voygage: The Quest for Pappy,” the 3-D CGI primetime TV special and deluxe DVD release produced by King Features Syndicate for Popeye’s 75th Anniversary in 2004. In what has become a primarily digital world, this new video marks the first hand-drawn, frame-by-frame rendering for Popeye cell animation since the Popeye and Son series from 1987.’

Source: Cartoonbrew