I have to star this post off by laughing. I see so many people out there who won’t eat animals because they think it’s cruel or something like that, but they loved the flavor so much that they can’t stop trying to replicate it with plants, sawdust, and old socks. If I was politically against pigs being slaughtered, I wouldn’t want to eat anything that even remotely replicated the end result. It’s really just kinda hypocritical.

That’s part of why this story made me giggle. Sure, I know some people have religious reasons for not being able to eat certain things (I was raised in a Kosher home… until I found the home of the Whopper was way better!), but there’s that extra vocal crowd of people who make ruin everything for normal people… and I’m sure they are all angrily creating Tumblr posts about this horrible injustice.

A lab recently did a test on 345 samples of hot dogs and sausages including 21 different vegetarian meat alternatives, and found that ten percent of the vegetarian samples actually had meat in them.

Beyond the animal bits that showed in some samples, they also found what they called ‘hygienic problems’ in four of the 21 brands of vegetarian hot dogs tested.

Additionally, they found that some of the vegetarian brands were exaggerating their nutrition labels, at times inflating the protein content by as much as 250%.

Source: Inhabitat