His name is Mason Wells and he’s just 19 years old. As a Mormon missionary, it’s expected that there’d be some travel in his life. That said, if it’s his church that’s setting up his itinerary, it may be time to reconsider his faith.

What makes Wells so unlucky and lucky? Well, he was just injured in this week’s terrorist attack in Brussels. Along with second and third degree burns that he received on hi face and hands, he also suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon from shrapnel.

Wait, that doesn’t actually sound lucky at all. But wait, there’s more. If this was just the first terrorist attack that he had survived, you could call him a little unlucky/ lucky. If this was his second terrorist attack, then you’d have you argue that he’s at least reasonably lucky and unlucky. No. This is his third freakin terrorist attack!

That’s right, along with his injuries in the Brussels attack, Mason was caught up in both the Boston and Paris attacks.

In Boston, Mason was a block away from the finish line when the bomb went off. He was waiting for his mother, who had been a runner.

Meanwhile, he was so close to the bombings in Paris, that he had to be treated for minor burns.

There’s really only four possibilities here. He’s the luckiest man in the world, the unluckiest man in the world, a terrorist, or a secret agent working on tracking terrorists down.

Source: Mail