Lady Gaga’s new music video just hit. It is 14 minutes of weirdness for the sake of weirdness that millions of her fansa re going to eat up like the cheerios that she smears all over her body. As you could expect with any Lady Gaga video, she spends at least a little bit of time looking like a 1980’s Madonna… though I’m sure she’d deny it. All in all, if you like Lady Gaga, you’ll like the video, otherwise, it’s kind of like watching an Uwe Bol film. It is so bad that you’ll laugh at least once.

Apparently, the video leaked earlier today. In response to the incident, Gaga took to Twitter and commented on the event with true class:

“And…my video is now leaking like an old tampon,” “You know its bad when Haus of Gaga is downloading ILLEGAL video torrents on their cellphones. #thanksguys,”