The 1990’s X-Men Cartoon is probably the way most of the people reading this first met the X-Men. For me, it actually happened at Summer camp when Josh Edelglass let me read his copy of the Days of Future Present summer Annuals, but other most everyone else I know came to love Wolverine and the rest of the mutants through the weekly cartoon.

The show was not without its problems. IN fact, they had to delay the initial release because Jubilee’s fireworks initially made it look like her hands were shooting off giant rainbow penises, but oither than that, it was the best and most comprehensive animated show for the license. They even managed to cover several major story arcs from the comics like Days of Future Past, which is now being used as the basis for the next X-Men Film.

Anyways, if you grew up in the era that the show was on, chances are that you’ll recognize the opening theme in the first 3 bars of music. Now someone has taken the whole opening credits and re-created them using X-Men figures.

Official video Description:

After the release of the TMNT stop motion tribute, the team at Reckless Abandonment Pictures are back at it again!

With the 20th anniversary approaching of Director Kyle Roberts’ favorite cartoon growing up, he wanted to see if his team could recreate the 1992 X-Men cartoon animated intro using action figures and stop motion! With over 4,000 individual pictures taken, Roberts spent two months rotoscoping and animating all of the special effects.

Art director Nathan Poppe drew over 60 background images used in this project with his “doodle” style rad artwork. Colin Nance and Zach Zellar recreated the original theme from scratch and you can download on Colin’s sound cloud.