Remember those ads for X-ray specs in the back pages of your favorite comic book or magazine that claimed to allow you to ever so nonchalantly look through, not only your hand, but more importantly women’s clothing?

And do you remember your disappointment after receiving them and realizing that you just got hosed big time? Well prepare to either relive that feeling one more time or to finally fulfill those dreams once not promised.

According to, for a mere $199, you can now own your very own x-ray filter. While it’s not exactly a pair of siffy glasses, it is a basic IR filter that can be attached to most camcorders turning them into a “super-stealthy X-ray vision camera.”

The technology behind this suppose it pervert lens is theorized to work as a result of how “clothing allow light and infrared light to pass through the fabric. This light is reflected back through the clothing, off the skin, to our naked eyes. What we normally see is both the reflected normal light mixed with the Infrared light. The lens filters the normal light out, leaving only the Infrared light and some other ambient light waves. The result…the clothing (and many other materials) become as clear as glass.”

For more information check out the site here. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, but hey, if it does work, drop us a line and let us know.