Remember what would happen in your old video games when you’d walk away for a few minutes without hitting pause? Well, this is the supercut of that in all your old favorite games.

An homage dedicated to the Super Nintendo & my childhood. The idea of the video is as the title suggests. The sprites that are featured in the video are seen in their idle animations or left alone to be pummeled, etc. I tried fitting in as many games as I could that featured sprites in a classic side-scrolling style. Besides being zoomed in, all of the footage is in it’s original emulated state/speed without manipulation.

Quite a few of the games had multiple characters to choose from. For the most part, I tried keeping it to one selection per game. One thing that I focused on was choosing female characters, there aren’t that many female stars in video games… So, some majority fan favorites were left out. I’m experimenting with video game footage going along with pleasing music aesthetics. I try to evoke emotions in the best way that I can. Hopefully more videos coming soon.

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