If you live in England, or love hedgehogs enough that you’d want to move there, the The Suffolk Wildlife Trust wants to talk to you. It turns out that they are currently looking to fill the position of the town of Ipswich’s hedgehog champion.

“We are looking for an inspirational individual who will be the face of hedgehog conservation in Ipswich,” the charity states on its website.

The job patys $31,800 per year, and it’s requested that you have experience with ecological surveying, leading and developing community-based conservation activities and engaging effectively with a wide range of people is essential.”

They’ll only be taking applications until July 13th, so you’ll have to get on it right away!

Sadly, the UK has seen a diminishing wild hedgehog population in recent years. Some estimates have it down as far as 30% to just around one million of the living internet memes.

Source: HP