We’ve seen cute bento box creations and rice creatures, but now we’ve got daikon garnishes that are almost too cool to eat. For most people in the US, Daikon is the white stringy garnish that you push aside on your sushi plate, but the Japanese radish is very popular in the east. In fact, one of the favorite ways to use it is as a garnish to Nabe, Japan’s take on Hot Pot.

these creations are the work of Masanori Kono, who just thought it would be fun to get a little creative with the radish on top of her Nabe. The creations have become so popular online that he landed a book deal and now “Grated Daikon Art” is hitting bookshelves this week. Check out some of his creations below, ranging from adorable pandas to a man who has been crushed to death.

Source: Spoon-tamago