Yesterday, we talked about how Marvel is Canceling The Fantastic Four and putting a moratorium on any merchandising out of anger over bad blood between them and FOX. Now, it is being reported that this won’t just effect the FF, but will also now have a big impact on The X-Men franchise at fox and Marvel as well.

It’s now been reported that Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter has also put a ban on new X-Men characters being created for the same reason. Here’s what X-Men writer Chris Claremont said in an interview:

“I have to say quite honestly as I understand it now the X department is forbidden to create new characters. Well… who owns them? All because all new characters become the film property of Fox. There will be no X-Men merchandising for the foreseeable future because, why promote Fox material?”

There are now even rumors that Deadpool will be killed off and his series cancelled in the wake of announcement that the Merc With a Mouth is getting his own film.

I guess it makes sense. Destroy a brand so the competition doesn’t want it anymore and sells it back to you, then start the publicity machine back up. That said, it just seems like a dick move where the fans are concerned.

Source: CBM