30 Rock’s star Alec Baldwin has recently come under fire and has drawn the irk of GABRIELA-USA, a Filipino community and activist group located in Seattle, Washington.

GABRIELA-USA is calling for a public apology from Alec Baldwin who joked around recently on The Late Show with David Letterman about ordering himself a mail-order bride from the Philippines. While Baldwin’s joke was certainly said poor taste, it has also angered Phillipine Senator, Ramon Revilla who calls the actor arrogant and labeled his remark insensitive, uncalled for and an insult to millions of Filipinos. Adding that mail-order brides from the Philippines are illegal.

Baldwin, who is no stranger to controversy has recently been under the spotlight after a messy public divorce from actress Kim Bassinger that erupted into a he said, she said war of words. It even lead to controversy involving his 13-year old daughter, Ireland, when a taped conversation that the actor left on her cell phone leaked onto the Internet. In the audio tirade, Baldwin was heard unleashing an onslaught of verbal rage on his daughter in which he referred to her as a “thoughtless little pig.”

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  1. I want to get a Baldwin as a mail-ordered-bride. Baldwin should just sell his pig of a daughter.

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