Still looking for a place to spend you Stimmy? Well, one check won’t get you any of these tables, but it might get you one of the legs. These ornate, beautiful entranceway and coffee tables are designed by MIchael Maiden and sold through the Wyland Galleries at Disney theme parks.

Cast in bronze, each table is a tableau based on a cherished Disney film like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, or Beauty and the Beast, or sometimes on a theme like Disney Villains. It almost seems like a waste to have these pieces of art serve as the underside of a table. To us, they look good enough that they should be displayed on a table of their own!

We came across these tables thanks to a Facebook post from JS Fine Art Consulting. From there, we fell down a rabbit hole of awesomeness. Some of the photos you’ll see below are finished tables, some are wax carvings that get made before the final bronze products, and some images are concept art for tables that may or may not be coming down the pipeline. We just know that if we ever had the kind of money where buying these tables wouldn’t make us homeless, we’d probably have already bought too many.