Baby Shark has become one of the world’s most prolific earworms and now it will also be part of your balanced breakfast. It makes sense. After all, cereal companies have been using popular kid’s characters as a way to sell breakfast cereals. With more than 3 billion views on YouTube, you can’t really find anything in the world more popular.

The cereal, which will be released later this year by Kellogs is part of a larger marketing agreement with the Korean licensing firm, Pinkfong. Some of this year’s most anticipated holiday toys that you’ll be seeing this year are all part of the Baby Shark family.

For the cereal, kids and grownups alike can expect a combination of ‘Berry-fin-tastic’ o’s and shark fin-shaped marshmallows. It is set to make its first appearance in Sam’s Club as part of a two-pack that has a “Baby Shark” box and a “Mommy & Daddy Shark” box, all for $5.98. Shortly thereafter, the normal boxes will be available in Walmart.