Earlier today, news came down that there’s going to be a bunch of new Pokemon coming out. So far, it sounds like they’ll only be available in eggs, but soon, your Pokedex could be sporting a Togepi, Pichu, or elekid. There’s even a special Pikachu running around with a Santa hat that you can catch in the wild.

In honor of the long-awaited update, we’ve got some hyper realistic pokemon from UK-based artist Joshua Dunlop that will absolutely blow your mind. Check out Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle.

Here’s what Dunlop said on how he created his Pokemon Zoology images:

“I originally sketched out some rough ideas in Photoshop, using real life animals as reference. Once I was happy, I used a 3D program called 3D-Coat to build and texture the model. I then brought the model into a rendering program called KeyShot which allowed me to get realistic lighting and effects,” he said. “Finally I brought everything into Photoshop and built the images using a combination of photo-manipulation and digital painting. It takes a while but it’s a lot of fun when you see the finished product.”

You can see more of Joshua Dunlop’s art HERE

Source: Geeksaresexy