I’m not sure why babies need special pillows, but if you are going to have to get one, it may as well look like a horrible pit of teeth, ready to devour all of their hopes and dreams.

This newborn pillow lounger can be used for many years to come. It has a low pile minky top with a kona cotton bottom, and two minky covered nylon webbing handles for easier portability of not only the pillow but of blankets and other belongings. Own your Star Wars fandom and allow the young one to snuggle in awesomeness without the fear of being digested over a thousand years!! The center ring is approximately 13″ in diameter within a grand 36″ circumference for the entire lounger. Sits approximately 6-8″ high. There is a small amount of stuffing in the center ring for comfort in addition to a firm amount in the overall ring.