We love when we’re able to find an artist who has a real voice. There’s a ton of artist out there with a lot of versatility, but lacking a truly distinctive style. Christopher Shy is not only an incredible artist, but you know instantly when you are looking at one of his works.

Shy founded Studio Ronin in 1994. This small studio quickly and soon enough, was getting the attention he deserved as a concept artist and costume designer for the entertainment industry. Eventually, he was even able to publish the graphic novels, Silent Leaves and Man to Leave before working on the Dead Space : Salvage graphic novel in 2010.

What we’ve got today are his take on movie posters for some of the most popular movies, cartoon, manga, and video games of the last 30 years including: Star Wars, Ghostbusters, The Thing, Alien, GI Joe, Dead Space, Cowboy Bebop, Attack on Titan, and more. Take a minute and let his dark style fill your day with a bit of wonder.

Check out more of Chris’ work here, at Studio Ronin

Source: Geekart