There are two types of toy bootleggers in the world. There are the companies that just make cheap knock-offs and sell them online and then there are artists who recast classic toys and then alter them to make limited edition creations. Every year, Clutter Gallery pays tribute to these artists and their toys with their [In]Action Figure show. The new show has just launched and we wanted to show you some of our favorite toys inspired by The Karate Kid, Star Wars, Baby Yoda, He-Man, Earthworm Jim, The Lost Boys, The Joker, The Simpsons, and a lot more. Check out the pics below and then head over to the Clutter Gallery’s Website where many of these figures are still available for purchase.

Clutter Gallery is excited to present the 8th installment of ”[In]Action Figures”, our annual celebration of the art of the action figure. Intended to elevate action figures, bootlegs and other retro toys, this exhibit recalls the heyday of the Action Figure format – the 1970’s and 80’s.

Participating artists include: 2bitHACK • Acquired Taste Industries • Angry Beast • Awesome Figures • BeastLabs • Bombermat Toys • Brent Nolasco • Broke1 • Buzzard Guts – D.A.Marx • Carlos customs • Chris Barrett • Czee13 • Danny Wicked • Dano Brown • DeadGreedy • Delicious Again Peter • DLL Customs • Edwin Salas • Erik Jacobus • Extratruckestrial (Etc Toys) & Tiffany Flanagan • Feond • Figure Fettish • For the Love of Old Toys • Fresh Toast • Geezer Periodicals • GoreHound Toys • Green Plastic Tunnels • Gus Fink • Hands of Doom • JAIBANTOYS • Jay “TOOFLESS” O’Leary • Junk Fed • Kill! X Virva Peikko • Kjelshus Collins • Magitarius • MOC Toys • Nama Niku x Eric Nilla • Nastytheplastic • Nekosatsu Toys • Oh Anat / Kidding Toy • Omni-Rez • Pablo Perra • Panda Propaganda Toys • Randomskullproductions • Ron Reeves • Scraped Resin • Seth Relentless • Sidekickmonkeytoys • Snapp Fink Toys • Super Secret Fun Club • The Mark Ultra • Tim Baron Art • Topztoy • Trashbury Toys • Triclops • Tyler Ham • & More