Sylvester Stallone has put John Rambo to bed, but that doesn’t mean the actor is done with action. It’s just been announced that he’s joining the cast of Little America, a new movie set to be executive produced by Michael Bay.

According to the reports, Little America takes place in “a dystopian future where America has become bankrupt and turned into a war zone.” Stallone will feature as a former Army Ranger hired by an Asian billionaire to locate his daughter. This already sounds like it has several shades of Escape from New York.

Stallone will partner up with the missing woman’s “highly-skilled sister” to locate the missing family member in a walled-off portion of Hong Kong called “Little America” where many ex-pats have fled to.

The movie is set to film this summer, but it will be interesting to see if filming in Asia is delayed due to raised insurance premiums from the current Coronovirus outbreak.

Source: Deadline