New Line’s “Gears of War,” adaptation based off the hit video game is in search of a new director and writer. But what’s more of a concern is the report that its budget is being cut which means the project is no longer being considered as an epic blockbuster.

According to the LA Times, while Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard, the Underworld franchise) is still attached to direct, his status is up in the air as he’s also attached to helm another film called “Nocturne.” Moreover, New Line has been searching for a new writer to scale down production that screenwriter Chris Morgan (Wanted) originally wanted and provided in his early drafts.

So what does this all mean? It means trouble that’s for sure. “Gears of War” was originally planned as an epic with with over a $100 million budget. With the budget being cut by New Line, the story and setting will now be dramatically reduced and simplified. Originally we were looking at something on a more epic and possible franchise scale, but now it’d be lucky to be something akin to a “Resident Evil” film or “Doom.” And we all know how awesome “Doom” was, right?

Source: LATimes