During the weekend at Wondercon actress Amy Acker (Dollhouse) spoke in a group interview about not only her role in ABC’s new show “Happy Town” but also provided some tidbits about director Joss Whedon’s upcoming horror project, “The Cabin in the Woods.”

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Whedon’s latest project largely due to the extremely tight-lipped nature surrounding it. So as you can expect, not much has been revealed except that it’ll challenge the notion of the classic horror genre while also remaining the same.

Acker, who will co-star in the film wasn’t particularly shy about discussing the project, although she did warned us that she couldn’t really go into details. According to Acker, there’s much more to the tale than just a cabin in the woods.

“There’s a lot of scary monsters,” hints Acker. “It’s a scary movie. It is about a cabin in the woods. You’ve figured it out.”

Filming for “The Cabin in the Woods” is already complete and was suppose to come out this past February but has been delayed due to 3D processing.

“I got an e-mail yesterday that it was finished,” Acker said. “The cut is finished, so they’ve got it all, well, ‘in the can’ I guess is what the terminology was.”

To see our pictures of Amy Acker from Wondercon, be sure to visit our Facebook fan page. “The Cabin in the Woods” drops January 14, 2011.