Henson has made a lot of great things lately, even without The Muppets. They’ve got the new Fraggle Rock Movie on the way, and Puppet Up! is hilarious. Now it looks like they are taking the edgy comedy from Puppet up to a whole new place. Just check out the press release below.

Hollywood, CA – Henson Alternative, the brand from The Jim Henson Company for adult audiences, announced today the development of the upcoming feature “Happytime Murders”, a puppet
comedy that plays on the film noir detective genre.

Featuring the well-known Henson style of irreverence and parody, and taking its cues from such films as Pulp Fiction and LA Confidential, “Happytime Murders” presents a twist on the film noir genre. In a world where puppets are a minority race amongst humans, a puppet detective is forced to solve a string of murders around The Happytime Gang, the cast of a beloved children’s show, that is being picked off by a mysterious villain.

Based on a story by Todd Berger (“Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five,” “Holidays with Heather”) and Dee Robertson (“#1 Fan: a Darkomentary”, “This is the Way the World Ends”) “Happytime Murders” will be produced by Brian Henson (“Muppet Treasure Island”, “A Muppet Christmas Carrol”), Lisa Henson and Jason Lust. Berger will write the screenplay and Robertson will executive produce. Brian Henson is attached to direct.

About Henson Alternative Henson Alternative is The Jim Henson Company’s label for content created specifically and exclusively for adult audiences. Previous credits include “Tinseltown” for Logo, “Puppet Up! – Uncensored” for TBS (also playing live on-stage monthly at the Avalon Hollywood) and the upcoming original on-line series “Simian Undercover Detective Squad” and “Alt/Reality” for film.com.