Kevin Smith is getting ready to launch his newest movie, “Zack and Miri Make a Porno,” but he’s already got his eyes on his next project. According to news from the, Smith is getting ready to take a stab at a Sci-Fi Comedy. No, he’s not going to direct Tim Burton’s robot spider laden Superman script. The futuristic outer space comedy will reference other sci-fi movies and revolves around a father-son relationship.

He’s aiming for a budget in the $45 million-$50 million range, which would be his biggest. He again will produce with partner Scott Mosier via their View Askew banner.

The Weinstein Co. this month will release Smith’s Seth Rogen comedy “Zack and Miri Make a Porno.” That film, at about $25 million, had his biggest-budget to date, but Smith knows the sci-fi movie will be pricier.

“The moment someone steps out of the spaceship, it’s going to cost a little more,” he said.

Smith said he’s looking forward to exploring new character dynamics as well as outer space.

“All the relationships in the flicks I’ve done have been done before, have been either a guy falling for a girl or two dudes hanging out in a ‘bromantic’ comedy,” he said. “I wanted to explore a father and son.”

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