Adrienne Bailon of Disney’s The Cheetah Girls is just one of the many to have their laptop stolen. And one of the few to gets caught up in an extortion plot involving nude photographs of herself meant only to be seen by her boyfriend, Rob Kardashian.

According to several reports, several semi-nude photos of Adrienne was stolen from her personal laptop at the JKF airport in late October. A ransom call was made to Adrienne’s record label demanding $1,000. Money and laptop were exchanged and that was the end of that…


NY Daily News reports that while drop off and exchange was made, no one bothered to pursue who stole the laptop which are now said to be missing the semi-nude photos of Adrienne Bailon.

According to Bailon’s rep Jonathan Jaxson, this is not a scenario where she purposedly leaked the photos for attention.”

“We’re pursuing legal action.”

He goes on to declare:

“The photos that have surfaced of Adrienne Bailon were stolen from her laptop over a week ago at an airport in NY and sent to several media outlets. These photos were taken in private. Adrienne will be pursuing legal action against the person or person’s sending these private photos out.

Adrienne is deeply sorry for any pain this may have caused to her fans.”

As of today, several semi-nude photographs of Adrienne have surfaced on the Internet. While we won’t be showing them here except for the PG teaser, rest assure that they’re not as interesting or as big as the Vanessa Hughes or Edison Chen scandal.

Source: NY Daily News, TMZ, thesuperficial