Okay, so it’s not actually as dirty as the title sounds. ABC’s “Lost” star Evangeline Lilly who plays Kate on “Lost” is hosting an eBay auction to raise money in support of the GO Campaign. So what exactly are you bidding on? No, it isn’t her soiled underwear you perv. It’s a chance to have lunch with Evangeline either in Los Angeles, Honolulu or Vancouver!

The auctions is set to run from run from Jan 25 through Feb 4. There are three lunches, so if you’re a huge fan or a stalker, you have three tries to get close to her. (Note: We at YBMW do not condone the stalking of any celebrity stars).

Currently, as of today, the auctions are pushing over $2500.

Wait, but that’s not all. Evangeline has also teamed up with Task Brasil, an organization that helps abandoned street kids in Brazil. Here, instead of winning a chance to have lunch with Evangeline Lilly, she’s giving you the chance to win a garment from her personally-inspired R*Favela Brazilian made line of intimate lingerie. Proceeds from the auction will benefit Task Brasil.

For more information head on over to www.taskbrasil.org.