You’ve seen someone create a dog or a giraffe out of balloons, but have you ever seen someone create a fulled illustrated boxing match between Superman and Muhammad Ali? If the answer is no than there’s a good chance that you’ve never seen the massive balloon sculptures of Phileas Flash. Using his immense talents, he’s recreated iconic comic book covers from Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Superman, and even Batman’s Killing Joke.

These balloon sculptures are larger than life (fitting in a 10 foot by 10-foot space) and take many days to make

After I finished the main sculpture I use photoshop to add in the lettering (which are un-inflated balloons with wire inside). I’m just learning the program, so forgive any mistakes. I tried to keep digital manipulation to a minimum, so what you are seeing is mainly just latex and air (renewable resources). The balloons I use are all biodegradable and responsibly disposed of, so these sculptures were also super environmentally friendly.

Source: Geekologie