Mark Hamill will forever be tied to two characters: Luke Skywalker and The Joker. One fan has created the most fitting tribute that could possibly be conceived. With help and funding from a lot of fans, Hampton’s Hand-Crafted LED sabers created a lightsaber that stylistically matched Luke’s saber from Return of the Jedi, but also was undeniably also a tribute to the Joker.

It’s handle was adorned with purple, in honor of the jester, and the exposed Kyber crystal glowed both purple and green. Meanwhile, the hilt was also engraved with the Joker’s trademark “Ha Ha Ha” as well as the Joker’s playing cards. The saber itself lights up a brilliant green, but the coolest part may be the sound it makes. Upon first powering up the lightsaber, you aren’t treated with its traditional hum. Instead, you get the unmistakable laugh of Mark Hamill in full Joker mode.

Here’s the actual video of Hamill being gifted the lightsaber at last week’s Star Wars Celebration.

Here’s a great video from Hampton’s that gives the complete lowdown on the lightsaber: