You can always count on Gallery 1988 to bring the 80’s back to us in a new and endearing way through their art exhibitions. Instead of focusing on particular movie or toy line, this time the Los Angeles gallery is running a show dedicated to 1986. What was so big about 1986? Well, other than having to watch Bill Buckner let a ball roll through his legs in the World Series, it was the year that brought us movies like: Aliens, Short Circuit, Highlander, The Fly, Little Shop of Horrors, Big Trouble in Little China, Labyrinth, and plenty more.

Now, artists like 100% Soft, Dan Mumford, Rhys Cooper, Rich Pellegrino, Ale Giorgini, Bennett Slater, Doug LaRocca, Glen Brogan, among others, are paying tribute with art dedicated to the movies that made 86 so epic!


SOurce: Geekart