A lot of people seemed to like the trailer for the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot just a little bit less than they liked Batman v Superman. If you are looking to get that busting feeling back, check this out!

Stern Pinball went all out to create a stunning pinball machine starting with the art, which is done by illustrator Jeremy Packer aka Zombie Yeti. They even went as far as to hire Ernie Hudson, the actor who played Winston in the original films, to lend his voice to the game.

The downside is that there’s a good chance I’ll never be able to afford this piece of art. It is available in the three models: Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition. The Pro is the lowest end version (viewable in the video below), and it costs $6,000. There’s no word on the higher level models, but they will feature animated holograms of ghosts that fly around the table!

Here’s the announcement video:

Here’s a video review of the machine, to give you an idea of all the action in the game.