If you collect pins as we do, you are probably filled with regret right now because you are just finding out that you missed out on Gallery 1988’s LApel Pins pop-up show (curated by Midnight Dogs). The bad news is that the show, which featured awesomely geeky pins paying tribute to everything from Star Wars to Pee-Wee Herman, was on January 4th. The good news is that many of the pins are still available on their site, HERE.

We selected some of our favorite pins from the show, which feature art from creators including Alex Pardee, BB-CRE.8, Dela & Nikki, High Five Pins, Little Shop of Pins, Ed Mironiuk, Phillip Tseng, Midnight Dogs, Negamidas, Nostalgia Vault, Otherworld, PSA Press, Sam Grinberg, Scott C., Special Ed Toys, Wizard Cleave, and several more. Check them out and then head over to Gallery1988 to see if you can still grab your favorite!