The 90s are big right now, and not just because Marvel chose it as the era for the Captain Marvel movie. People are nostalgic for dunkaroos, Clueless, Seinfeld, and lots of other great stuff that isn’t quite as great as the stuff from the 80s (kidding…mostly). To celebrate the era, Gallery 1988 on Melrose in Los Angeles is currently showing their very own 90’s tribute show.

The show pays tribute to Jurassic Park, X-Files, Clueless, Nirvana, Toy Story, Twin Peaks, Nightmare Before X-Mas, Seinfeld, and dozens of other pop culture touchstones from the era. Some of the artists featured in the show include Sherri Rogers, Scott Ballmer, Robert Heckman, Jeff Victor, Andrew DeGraff, and a ton more!

Check out our favorites from the show below and then head over to Gallery1988 to check out (and possibly even buy) some of the art for yourself!