Christmas is a great time to let your geek flag fly. Hell, if you looked at my Christmas tree, you’d think that the three wise men had followed a star to find a private screening of a Star Wars marathon. But, while I limit my decorations to my tree, there are some people out there who are doing some pretty amazing things with gingerbread. Instead of inundating you with a ton of posts, I thought I’d just put them all together for you hear.

First up, we’ve got this amazing gingerbread Barad-dûr with light-up Eye of Sauron.

This awesome creation was built by two Finnish engineering and computer science students weighs almost 14 lbs.

Next up is the gingerbread USS Enterprise from the Blackmarket Bakery in Costa Mesa, California.

The Borg Gingerbread Cube Ornament.

This isn’t as big and ornate as the other items we’ve got here, but at least you can make it yourself by heading over to ETSY and snagging the cookie cutters to … make it so.

Gingerbread Downton Abbey

I would never have expected to include Martha Stewart in a geek post, but here she is. She’s perfectly re-created Highclere Castle from Downton Abbey in gingerbread. What’s even better is that she’s posted a great series of Youtube videos that give a lot of great pointers for you to make your own deluxe Gingerbread creation.