If you aren’t familiar with Goldieblox, they came onto the scene a couple years ago with building and engineering toys designed with girls in mind. To help drive home their message that women can do anything that a man can do, they’ve created this great video, set to the tune of “Holding Out For a Hero.”

The video is a great social comment on how few heroes in films are actually women. Watch as they give a new spin to James Bond, The Matrix, Back to the Future, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Mission: Impossible, more.

Here’s the accompanying statement from Goldieblox:
We’re not here to produce the next blockbuster; we’re here to provide a role model in play. When the girls in your life pick up Ruby Rails, we want them to know that they can be a high-flying, fashion-loving programming extraordinaire too. We want them to feel like they can be a boxer, a secret agent, a dinosaur wrangler, or a fighter pilot.

Our girls deserve action heroes with flowing hair and combat boots. Our girls deserve to see themselves on-screen and calling the shots behind the scenes. Our girls deserve more.