It’s Martin Luther King Jr day, so we wanted to take a little time to show that even the most disgusting things in this world can be turned into something hopeful and positive. As crazy as it might be, there are still some people out there who support the ideals and values that defined Adolf Hitler and the NAZI Party. While those people are in the minority, some of them still like to make themselves known by tagging buildings with Swastikas. Now, a team of Berlin street artists are fighting back in a creative and humorous way.

The group, which goes under the moniker of #Paintback! was started by German artist, bo Omari. Along with members of his graffiti shop and youth club in Berlin, he seeks out examples of racists graffiti and touches it up so it turns from hateful eyesore to fun and positive pictures. And, just in case you are wondering, they actually got permission from all of the property owners before painting on their buildings (as if anyone doesn’t want the swastika painted on their wall to )

While the group is only officially based in Berlin, images of their work have spread over social media and inspired similar actions by artists all over the world.

SOurce: Goodnewsnetwork