The Mothership Toy Gallery in Philly is running a great new custom show based off of Tara McPherson’s Kidrobot Care Bear figure that was recently released. Forget what you know about the Care Bears because these customs range from the weird to the nightmare-inducing.

Care Bears? WHO CARES!!!
in the vein of Wacky Packs, Garbage Pail Kids, and Mad Magazine Mothership Toy Gallery is hosting the Toy roast of the beloved Care Bears after it’s recent reimagining in the designer toy world. Customizers, Bootleggers, DIY ToyMakers,and Sculptors will be tearing apart these adorable bears and giving us a show of what their personal Care Bear would be. The Gross, the Demented, The Sickeningly Cute will all be had! With pieces from:

TomBunk // Stephen Geddes // MikeFX // Andrea Kang // Topheroy // NickyDavis // Sad Salesman // OneEyedGirl // Green Plastic Tunnels // JellyKoe // DaveMarkArt // GoopMasta // Klav9 // Jimbo Phillips // LickYourElbow // Rizer13 // Elmer Presley // Betso // Cuddly Rigor Mortis // Tony Riff // American Gross // Kate Domina // Guerrero Masillas // Trashbury // Dose of Dopeness // Uncle Studio // Malo1 // 3DHero // Melodrama // TheWuzOne // Bunny Mischief // Cristina Ravenna // April Malo // Motley Miscreations // SivArt // Mr. Pacos Bootlegs // Emilio Subiria // Edmironiuk // David Woehr // Bizarre Vision // Modulicious