With the Ghostbusters reboot getting ready to hit later this year, the product tie-ins are about to start popping off. We’ve known for a while that Kool-Aid’s Ecto Cooler would be coming back from the 80’s this year, though rumor has it that Slimer will not be on the package (HERESY!). Now, Hostess has jumped into the game with a new and more disgusting treat that will not only make money off the new film, but also serves as a nice nod to the original.

That’s right, Hostess is releasing green slime filled Twinkies. The Greasy, plastic tasting cakes that went away and then came back at 1/3 the original size and 4/3 the original price are now going to be jammed full of otherworldly electric green, key lime flavored creme.


Source: Foodiggity