I remember last year at Comic Con, I had the chance to go and talk to some of the twi-hards that were lined up days in advance to see the cast of the film. They were some of the most passionate and glittery fans that I’ve ever met. With the final Twilight film coming out this year, it makes sense that fans would be most fervent about the final SDCC Twilight Saga Panel. They are so fervent that they are lining up already and Preview night isn’t even until tomorrow.

It is uncommon to hear about tragedy or even violence at comic con… other than the legendary pencil stabbing of 2010. Sadly, today there was an accident as one Twilight fan, a 53-year-old, called “Gisella” by fellow Twilight fans was struck by a car and killed while walking in the crosswalk on her way to get in line to camp out for Thursday’s Twilight Breaking Dawn panel.

Here is what the San Diego Police had to say:

“She was in a crosswalk and tried to run across Harbor about 9:20 AM. She tried to stop when she saw an oncoming Subaru but ended up tripping into the car. The driver of the vehicle was a 67-year-old while male who remained at the scene and was cooperative with police during their investigation.”