I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with playing cards. They have a long history of featuring some pretty awesome art, and they are often found in the hands of some of the worlds’ most famous comic book heroes and villains like The Joker and Gambit. Now, The Hero Complex has brought together 55 artists to create a geeky and beautiful deck of cards that anyone would be proud to have floating around their poker game.

Check out the artists included in the new set:
Adam Rabalais – AJ Frena – Alina Chau – Andy Fairhurst – Aurelio Lorenzo – Bartosz Kosowski – Benedict Woodhead – Chris Malbon – Christina Chung – Craig Drake – Dan May – David Moscati – David Seidman – DZO Olivier – Eric Tan – Faryn Hughes – Glen Brogan – Ise Ananphada – James Acken – JC Richard – JJ Harrison – JM Dragunas – Kako – Kendra Minadeo – Kevin M. Wilson / Ape Meets Girl – Khoa Ho – Kristina Carroll – Kwanchai Moriya – Liam Atkin – Mandy Tsung – Mark Englert – Marko Manev – Matt Needle – Matthew Rabalais – Max Wesoloski – Mizna Wada – Munch – Nathan Chesshir – New Flesh – Nicole Gustafsson – Patrick Connan – Paul Shipper – Rory Kurtz – Salvador Anguiano – Sam Gilbey – The Dark Inker – Thomas Walker – Tim Anderson – Tomas Overbai – Tracie Ching – Tyler Hays – Vance Kelly – Victor Medina – Will Pigg – WIUR


You can buy an art book of the cards or just the deck itself HERE.

Source: Geekart