Hero Complex has a great new exhibition going on called Soldiers of Fortune. The show focuses on the art of four tremendous talents: Patrick Connan, Chris Skinner, Adam Rabalais and Tom Miatke and shows off art that pays tribute to the Gremlins films, Princess Bride, Batman, Mad Max, Gladiator, The Dark Tower, Princess Mononoke, and more.

Adam Rabalais – Gremlins

Adam Rabalais -Gremlins 2

Chris Skinner – Aerodyne Technology

Chris Skinner – Batman Begins

Chris Skinner – In the Dark Knight

Chris Skinner -Interstellar Cruiser

Chris Skinner -God’s Gunslinger

Patrick Connan – Princess Bride

Patrick Connan – Princess Mononoke

Patrick Connan – Mad Max 2

Tom Miatke – Gladiator

Tom Miatke – The Prestige

Source: Geekart