I still remember when Gary Coleman uttered his very first “What you talking bout Willis!” It seems like a lifetime ago and to Gary, it truly has been. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Gary, who has since moved out to a rural area of Utah to escape the crowds and paparazzi, is still having a real tough time.

It is a sad tale of broken hearts, run ins with the law, and even attempted suicide.

Officers have been called to assist or intervene with Coleman 21 times since he moved to Utah in fall 2005, according to police reports – including a July 2007 call where Coleman told authorities he had taken dozens of Oxycontin pills, was suicidal and “wanted to die.”

“Gary … was upset that his girlfriend was breaking up with him. He calmed down and was cooperative and acknowledged he took approx(imately) 30-40 Oxycontin pills. He said he is suicidal and ‘wanted to die,’ ” according to a police report.

He’s admitted to attempting suicide on a couple of other occasions and according to police records was threatening to make another attempt this past April.

Life with his 23 year old wife Shannon Price, he’s 40, hasn’t been all gumdrops and candy canes either.

In January 2007, Coleman called police because he was worried Price was going to bring her three brothers to confront him following an argument they had. Then in July of that year, he exploded at Price in a clinic parking lot in Provo.

“Coleman was yelling and pounding his steering wheel for approximately 10 minutes before he jumped out of his truck. He ran out in front of his truck and around to the woman’s door, stopping several cars, and then he went to his door and was running around, yelling and screaming and throwing his arms in the air as he did,” the police report says. “Coleman was yelling that he could not take it anymore.”

The report says Price felt threatened and was worried things were going to “get out of control they way they did earlier.” The actor was charged with disorderly conduct and eventually placed on probation.

One month later, Coleman whisked Price, to a Nevada mountaintop to wed

Gary is also plagued by harassment from fans and the constant fear that people will try to break into his home.

Who knew it could be so tough. Hopefully 2009 will prove to be a little more peaceful for Gary.

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