While much of the US is canceling holiday events around the country, Japan has some pretty cool stuff planned. In fact, they just opened a new Pokemon themed Christmas light park at the Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest. The Sagamiko Illumination event is one of the biggest Christmas light events in the whole country. While the whole event will not be about Pokemon, they’ve dedicated an entire area of the park for a Pikachu light show and photos shoot, as well as decorations and lights celebrating all of your favorite pocket monsters.

The chair lift will feature Eevee and all of it’s evolutions while you are treated to pokemon music. The Ferris Wheel is decked out with 36 different pokemon on it. And, Pokemon Street features several beautifully designed light displays featuring Charmander, Pikachu, Butterfree, and a ton more. There’s even a forest filled with a horde of little Pikachu leading to a giant Pikachu statue. The Pikachu light show will not only feature lights, but a battery of dancing pikachus to help you get into the holiday spirit. the great thing is that it’s not only free, but the outside venue makes social distancing possible.

Source: Rocketnews24