Recently there has been suggestions that the ever-so controversial Katy Perry has undergone breast augmentation.

This news of course, isn’t sitting well with the furious and often vocal Katy.

In a statement defending her goodies, Katy rants:

“How could people think these are fake? Look at ’em. Ask them! They are as real as real can be. One hundred per cent genuine and untouched… well sort of.”

“I would never spend money on fake boobs. Shoes, maybe. A handbag, maybe. But plastic tits – no way!”

She also adds:

“I am not against people who get things done. A tuck or a lift never hurt anyone. In 50 years time I may look like a Siamese cat in a wind tunnel but as of this moment I haven’t and the rack is real.”

Whether or not Katy is telling the truth or lying out of her ass is anyone’s guess. But for now, perhaps only Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes may know for sure, who Katy is currently dating.

Source: The Sun